ESL Landscaping
Job Management System

We were selected by this highly-successful soft landscaping company to design and implement a sophisticated cloud-based job management system. This is now their primary platform for managing and tracking their 200+ landscaping projects throughout the UK, from the start of contract through the delivery and site maintenance - and to act as the central repository for all project documents and drawings. This new platform is making a significant difference to the company's productivity and customer service levels.

On-site managers access the system via tablets and smartphones to submit site reports, access project data and documents, mark-up and submit drawings, record and track snags/issues, manage site-visits and capture customer sign-offs.

An agile Kanban process was applied, and we used a product backlog management and tracking tool to enable all stakeholders to monitor progress on a daily basis. We also ran several user-story mapping sessions to help ESL produce an initial product backlog followed by the production of interactive wireframes for review and usability testing.