I specialise in providing the following software development services...

IT Consultancy

I provide a wide range of high-value consultancy services to help businesses to become more profitable through the targeted use of our custom software.

Typically, this will involve analysing internal processes to identify areas where software can deliver significant improvements; working with the business to specify the detailed software requirements; to design the perfect solution in collaboration with end-users; and onto implementation, delivery, training, and support.

Software Development

I develop high-quality responsive web applications that perfectly meet our customer's requirements, whether on desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

My use of agile development processes ensure that the most valuable features are delivered first and as early as possible. I engage with my customers throughout the project – reviewing and prioritising the next set of features to be delivered and incorporating end-user feedback where appropriate.

Cloud Hosting & Support

I am expert in hosting complex software applications in the cloud, providing the security, availability and scalability demanded by mu customers.

I offer a fully cloud-based hosting package for all our custom web applications. This provides my customers with a highly-secure solution that can scale globally on-demand and is always available to their end-users. Customer data is protected through automated data backups with multi-region hosting for disaster recovery.